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Wherever you want to see change, be it in your job, your love life, your family ties or your relationship with money, abundance is the path to being happy, content, and filled with meaningful purpose — instead of wondering what life will throw at you next.


Abundance is the key to thriving, instead of settling for surviving.


Strained family relationships. Money woes. Endless dates with no real connection. Impostor syndrome. A job you don’t love. A sense that you’re missing something, but you don’t know what it is.

All these situations have one thing in common: abundance — or rather, the opposite of abundance, which is lack.

The absence of abundance is the root of unhappiness in all aspects of our lives, whether the surface problem is universal or something unique to you.

The Abundance Game  was developed to resolve all the underlying problems and emotional blocks that shut us off from abundance. After completing The Abundance Game, you will activate abundance in all areas of your life, including family relationships, self-expression, career, social and romantic connections, health, and your relationship with money.


What Is Abundance?

What Is Spiritual Abundance? Part 1

When we talk about spiritual abundance, we are talking about your vibrational alignment on a spiritual level, which in turn affects your emotions and physical body: are you putting out good vibes or bad vibes? What kind of energy are you calling to you with your...

What Is Spiritual Abundance? Part 2

Spiritual Abundance: The Cycle Of Infinite And Increasing Abundance When you are connected to the Universe through openness, trust, and gratitude, you begin with a solid, miracle-making foundation of spiritual abundance. In this state of spiritual abundance, you...

What Is Abundance In Material Wealth?

Money. A new car. A better house. A healthier savings account. This is what comes to mind for so many of us when we think about abundance, but even material abundance is about so much more than the paper value of your money and possessions. To understand and start...

What Is Abundance Of Body?

Abundance of body is the attitude and practice of giving to yourself by nourishing your physical self. It includes gratitude for your physical body. Abundance of body means loving and honoring your physical self unconditionally, and supporting yourself physically...

What Is Abundance In Meaningful Occupation?

Abundance in meaningful occupation is highly subjective and personal; it is not easily defined, but I think the Japanese concept of ikigai comes very close. Roughly translated, ikigai means your reason for existence; it is what gets you (happily) out of bed in the...

What Is Abundance In Social Connections?

Abundance in social connections affects all areas of our lives. No matter how you parse it, the root of all problems in social and romantic connections always leads back to a state of lack. Everything else is simply a symptom, not the cause of the problem. How do we...

What Is Abundance In Family Relationships?

Like it or not, our relationships with family members are a massive influence on how we see abundance, as well as our beliefs about money and wealth. Our relationships with family members are a manifestation of our core abundance blueprint, be this more lack-driven...

What Is Abundance Of Self-Expression?

Self-expression is the second innermost layer of abundance. It is so very important because it reveals the abundance (or lack) in how much of ourselves we allow to be seen, to be heard, to be witnessed. Interestingly, abundance blocks in self-expression often exist...

Abundance Accelerators

Abundance Accelerator Challenge: The Lens Of Love

Abundance Accelerator Challenge: The Lens Of Love

In this abundance accelerator challenge, we are going to use the immense transformative power of the lens of love explored in The Abundance Game course and apply it to one of the core pillars of abundance — trust. This challenge involves discernment as well as...

What Is Ho’oponopono?

What Is Ho’oponopono?

https://youtu.be/tU21AQKrZR8 What is ho'oponopono? Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation that facilitates healing and transformation — not just for ourselves, but for the world as well: we are all connected! These four simple,...

Mindfulness: Contemplative Meditation — The Lotus

Mindfulness: Contemplative Meditation — The Lotus

This mindfulness meditation is a contemplative meditation, and we will be using an image of a lotus flower as our point of focus. The lotus flower is a symbol of purity: mental, emotional, as well as purity of words. The lotus is also symbolic of detachment; consider...

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About The Author

Samantha De Silva is a life coach and writer who has been an educator for over a decade. She is a sexual assault survivor who has also experienced depression and anxiety for a large part of her adult life.

She is now living an exceptionally abundant life, with abundance flowing freely and generously through all areas of her life, thanks to the powerful, deep healing and transformation she experienced through the abundance paradigm.

She is committed to bringing the joy of an abundant life to journeymakers everywhere.

Samantha De Silva has also written two books in the urban fantasy series, The Daywalker Chronicles.