Money. A new car. A better house. A healthier savings account. This is what comes to mind for so many of us when we think about abundance, but even material abundance is about so much more than the paper value of your money and possessions. To understand and start manifesting abundance in material wealth, you need to know that material wealth is the most obvious, outward layer of abundance; it is in the physical, tangible realm and it is merely the icing on the cake.

The other major misconception about abundant material wealth is that it manifests for you as very large sums of money or material possessions, like a sports car. No! Abundance in material wealth is the permanent state of always having enough for all your material needs, and more importantly, always feeling like you have more than enough, regardless of the numbers in your bank balance.

When you are in a state of abundance in material wealth, even at times when you are short on money for your material needs, assistance flows in easily and unexpectedly from varied sources, and you feel grateful that your needs have been met, rather than angry or sad that you do not have enough money.

This is the most beautiful thing about abundance in material wealth: no matter how much money you have or do not have, you always feel content and you feel you have more than enough. Imagine how superb it would feel if you were to live the rest of your life feeling like you never lack anything in terms of material wealth, and wake up contented every single day!

To see abundance in material wealth manifested, you will need to work on your inner layers of abundance, clearing blocks in these deeper layers of abundance first.

But that’s not bad news at all! These layers of abundance are there for a reason. To begin understanding how these layers of abundance are interconnected and influence one another, let’s examine a hypothetical situation.

In this scenario, you have yet to clear two major abundance blocks in the areas of abundance of body and meaningful occupation, but you have received dramatic financial wealth in a short period of time. What happens then? Do you automatically clear your abundance blocks in material wealth because of the sudden increase in your bank balance? Unfortunately not — in fact, the opposite is true.

First, because you still have a major block in abundance of body, the manifestation of that block simply increases in intensity; you now have more monetary ability to spend on self-destructive physical patterns of lack, be it alcohol, nicotine or stronger substance abuse, or simply not giving to yourself physically by overeating and lack of exercise. A few years pass, and you are at the very least, in poor physical health, or at the worst, you have a major illness or a serious substance addiction.

Apart from having to spend money on mitigating the consequences of your physical deterioration, you are also miserable. You are now thoroughly convinced that the old chestnut about money being unable to buy happiness is true. You would be correct in this observation, because you are now devoid of the basic, instinctive joy that comes with abundance of body and has nothing to do with how much money you have.

Second, because you have not cleared your blocks in abundance of meaningful occupation, you are, at your core, dissatisfied with your life and you feel like there is something missing. You wonder what other people have that you don’t have. You wonder why other people can be happy, but happiness seems out of reach for you.

Over the next few years, you make a series of bad career or business decisions, driven by the feeling that you lack meaningful occupation. This is a direct result of your abundance block in meaningful occupation, which has blinded you to more abundant choices and dulled your instinct guiding you towards abundant paths.

As a result of your lack-driven business and career decisions, your sense of lack intensifies, causing you to manifest more lack in the area of meaningful occupation, and very likely other layers of abundance as well. This creates a vortex of lack that only worsens as time goes on.

How does this story end? Three years later, your finances have been depleted by health or addiction issues. You are experiencing reduced income or even debt, thanks to lack-driven career or business choices. All this happened because you didn’t work on your inner layers of abundance first!

This illustration is not meant to scare you; far from it. This scenario is meant to help you understand that abundance in material wealth can occur in the form of generous financial compensation for work, more stable finances, and monetary wealth, and these are just some of the wonderful things that happen quite automatically and naturally when you work on your abundance from the inner layers outwards.

What we perceive as delays to what we want (especially when it comes to finances) are there for very good reasons — like the saying goes, you need to learn how to walk before you run. We’ll do just that in The Abundance Game course, where you will clear stubborn blocks in your abundance in material wealth and activate this layer of abundance permanently.