Abundance Message 28 Sep: Miracles Are Around The Corner! Trust, and Receive
Image by George Gergovacz from Pixabay

The Universe’s message for you this week is: “I did not bring you this far to abandon you. Have faith: I will move mountains for you. Miracles are making their way to you.”

Today, the Universe wants you to know that it’s your time to receive! Trust is a really important part of opening up to accept the amazing blessings coming your way: without trust, abundance in all forms cannot flow fully.

You may be feeling frustrated or cynical at this point, having encountered some disappointments or delays recently, or over the past few months. You may feel like you haven’t received what you asked for. It’s time to let go of this disappointment, because blessings are just around the corner.

The Universe wants you to know that these frustrations and unanswered requests were simply twofold opportunities: first, to keep you on a path for you to receive even better blessings than you asked for, and second, for you to strengthen your trust in the Universe.

The greater the setback or obstacle, the bigger the opportunity to increase your trust in the Universe giving you what you need … and the bigger the blessings and miracles coming your way!

Take some time today to write down the blessings and miracles that you want to see in your life. Next, thank the Universe with all your heart for giving you each blessing or better.

Imagine that you have already received, and hold that gratitude and joy in your heart. Know that each blessing or better is already on its way to you, and simply trust: you are always loved and supported by the Universe, so much more than you know.

Have an abundant week, beautiful souls!

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