Will this course solve my money problems?

When abundance blocks severely manifest at the level of material wealth, this usually means that your abundance is not freely flowing through your inner layers of abundance. The course will clear your abundance blocks at all levels and heal your relationship with money and material wealth so that you always have enough for your needs and you feel gratitude for what you have … of course, provided you put in the movement to generate this change.

Will this bring better romantic partners into my life or improve my existing relationship?

Yes, working on your abundance will clear blocks, heal emotional barriers to trust and self-expression, and much more, which will change how you feel and your patterns of behaviour in various parts of your life, including your love life.

Does it really take 29 days to do the course? Can I do the course in a shorter or longer period of time?

You can do the course in a shorter period of time, but that’s not the best way to get the most out of the course. For lasting, powerful change in your life, we recommend doing a maximum of one module per day.

You can take longer than 29 days to do the course by doing one module every few days, so don't let a busy schedule get in the way of your new abundant life!

How soon will I see change in my life?

You will start to see a difference in how you feel as well as changes in your thoughts and patterns of behaviour, while you are doing the course, as soon as the first day of the course. You will see positive change and transformation in all areas of your life, from you career to your social connections and love life, to your family relationships, to your relationship with money. Tangible change in situations will start happening in the days, weeks, months, and years to come; it’s important to remember that your movement is required for miracles of abundance to happen!

I have a lot on my plate in terms of work and other time commitments. Do I need to take time off to do the course?

You'll need about half an hour to do each module of the course. So if it's a time commitment that you're concerned about, it's perfectly fine to do one module every few days instead of one module a day.

The course is designed to work gently and powerfully, building up your abundance-attracting capability in gradual steps. So you don't need to make any major changes to your schedule to get started with the course.

Can I try out The Abundance Game before buying it?

Yes, you absolutely can. In fact, you can get started on the course right away with free early access to the first two modules of the course in video format here.

How do I add The Abundance Game ebook to my Kindle, other ereader or mobile device if I bought it directly from the website?

Whether you have a Kindle or a different kind of ereader, you can read The Abundance Game ebook on your ereader in a few easy steps:

  1. Download and run the free Calibre software (compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux)
  2. Connect your ereader to your laptop or computer with Calibre running
  3. Drag the ebook files from your product download into Calibre, and click ‘Send To Device’ 

That’s it! The Abundance Game ebook is now on your device and you’re good to go. You can also read The Abundance Game ebook in PDF format on your phone or laptop. Formats provided for the ebook include EPUB, PDF, AZW3, and MOBI.

Recommended file types for reading on various devices:

Kindle: AZW3 or MOBI
Nook, Kobo, most ereaders: EPUB
Desktop - Adobe Digital Editions: PDF
Android devices: EPUB
iOS devices: EPUB or PDF




Is there a difference between the ebook and video versions of the course?

The content is the same for both formats, but the structure is slightly different for the first half of the course. In the ebook, the section ‘Discovering Abundance’ runs from Day 1 to Day 7, with the section ‘Clearing Blocks In Abundance’ spanning day 8 to 14. 

In the video version of the course, however, we do exploration and block clearing for each layer of abundance, one layer at a time. For example, in the video version of the course, Module 1 is ‘Discovering Soul-level Abundance’, Module 2 is ‘Clearing Blocks In Soul-level  Abundance’, Module 3 is ‘Discovering Abundance of Self-expression’, Module 4 is ‘Clearing Blocks in Abundance Of Self-Expression’, and so on. 

The content of the course for video and ebook are the same, and you will benefit from miracles of abundance in your life no matter which format you choose.


When will The Abundance Game be available in video format?

The Abundance Game course will soon be available as on-demand video and  webinars with live Q&A sessions after each module. Both modes are available for paid members from late October 2019, and all free members get access to discounts and sneak previews.

When is the next webinar happening?

The full video course with live chat sessions launches in October 2019, but you can get a feel for what the webinars will be like with sneak previews of Module 1 (Discovering Soul-Level Abundance) and Module 2 (Clearing Blocks In Soul-Level Abundance) from mid September all the way to the webinar launch. Check out the webinar schedules and reserve your seat here.

Is membership free?

Journeymaker Membership is always free and gives you access to course materials, including the course worksheets and audio for guided meditations. You also get weekly abundance messages and abundance accelerators delivered to your inbox, including regular video posts answering questions and addressing common roadblocks in abundance journeys.

I’d like to get one-on-one coaching, but I’m not sure how many sessions I need.

It varies from person to person. You may only need a couple of sessions to resolve some stubborn abundance blocks, or you might need a more sustained journey to access the abundance that you deserve. The journey is different for everyone, and you can ask for a complimentary short consult here to find out what works best for you.

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Samantha De Silva is a life coach and writer who has been an educator for over a decade. She is a sexual assault survivor who has also experienced depression and anxiety for a large part of her adult life.

She is now living an exceptionally abundant life, with abundance flowing freely and generously through all areas of her life, thanks to the powerful, deep healing and transformation she experienced through the abundance paradigm.

She is committed to bringing the joy of an abundant life to journeymakers everywhere.

Samantha De Silva has also written two books in the urban fantasy series, The Daywalker Chronicles.