This mindfulness meditation is a contemplative meditation, and we will be using an image of a lotus flower as our point of focus.

The lotus flower is a symbol of purity: mental, emotional, as well as purity of words. The lotus is also symbolic of detachment; consider how drops of water slide off the petals of the lotus flower.

With detachment, which is an abundance-accelerating tool explored in The Abundance Game course, the challenges and frustrations in your daily life do not weigh you down and overwhelm you, but glide away just as clear drops of water fall off the lotus flower.

The lotus itself is a symbol of transcendence and completeness; its roots lie in the mud, below the water, while its flower reaches up into the air and welcomes the sun. Like you, the lotus transcends the murky depths and pulls nourishment from the mud to bring and receive life-giving energy in a higher state.

The particular pink hue of the lotus corresponds to your heart chakra, so if you feel particularly drawn to the colour, this may be an indication that you are in the midst of some healing and transformation work in your emotions. This is because both pink and green are associated with the heart chakra: green for healing and expansion, and pink for freely flowing love. To begin your contemplative meditation, clear your mind using the whiteboard exercise in The Abundance Game course and look at the picture of the lotus flower provided here for a full two minutes, letting your mind go quiet and still as you do so.

As you look at the image of the lotus flower, let your contemplative meditation begin at the visual level. Observe and appreciate each contour, the play of colours and shadows on the flower. Then, think about the lotus on a spatial level: consider how the lotus exists happily in three states of matter — solid, liquid, and gas. The lotus is rooted in the earth but also thrives while completely surrounded by water. At its highest point, it reaches up for the sunlight, into the air.

As you continue your contemplative meditation, think about the lotus flower at the more abstract, connotative levels.

What does the lotus flower symbolize to you, personally?

How does the lotus speak to you? How are you like the lotus?

What lessons does the adaptability of the lotus hold for you?