Attract Abundance With The Joy Of The Inner Child

Allow yourself to receive abundantly by allowing the joy of the inner child to flow through you once more.

The limitless joy of the inner child is an abundance magnet that everyone can use to bring abundance of all sorts into our lives. Often, it is anger, worries, and burdens that keep our inner child subdued and silent, and keep us from accessing that joy.

When was the last time you felt the wild joy of the inner child coursing through you, filling you with wonder and exhilaration?

To feel that joy again and call abundance to you, allow yourself to receive all the gifts that your inner child has to give you. Put aside your anger, your burdens and worries for just 10 minutes. Think of something that filled you with absolute joy as a child; a simple, everyday experience that was special to you. Maybe it’s a favourite snack from childhood. Maybe it’s an experience or a game you played with yourself, like stepping on dry leaves and feeling that satisfying crunch under your foot.

Put aside your burdens and worries and and the roles you play that weigh you down, just for another 10 minutes.

Now go out and recreate that treasured moment of joy. Just in this moment, you are without fears and worries. You are a child again, brimming with wonder and curiousity. With pure joy.

Feel that joy coursing through you, lifting your energy, chasing away the dark shadows in your mind like the wind pushing storm clouds away, far beyond the horizon.

This gorgeous, powerful joy is the joy of the Divine, and when you are regularly in this state of joy of the inner child, you are a master manifestor, and you call abundance of all kinds to you, in every part of your life.

Have an abundantly joyful week, beautiful souls. 💚