Image by Tama66 on Pixabay

What makes an abundant life? We think about abundance mostly in terms of receiving, but we sometimes forget that abundance is also very much about giving.

If we haven’t been giving to ourselves enough, or we feel underappreciated, the idea of giving takes on negative connotations for us. “Don’t I give enough?” or “I give so much but I don’t get anything in return” are common thought patterns if this is true for you.

When the thought of giving becomes something that produces feelings and thoughts of resentment or other negative emotions, this creates a very basic and powerful abundance block for us at the soul level.

Abundance is about giving, just as much as it is about receiving. Think of these two elements as being pegged to each other permanently; when you have more capacity to give, your receiving channels in all things are wide open.

Today’s weekly abundance message includes a challenge that’s simple and takes about 10 minutes. Let’s give your abundance a boost right now!

First, think of an act of selfless love that will take you about 5 minutes to do. It could be a donation to a charity online, it could be offering some assistance or support to someone who needs it, or it could be simply going out of your way to buy someone a meal or a coffee. It is not the amount of money or material things given that matter when it comes to an act of love; it is your intention.

This act of love must be done without expecting anything in return, and even better if it can be done anonymously. This is real altruism, and it lifts you to an energy of love.

If you find resentment or worries about the things you want to receive creeping in while you plan this act of love, stop, acknowledge the thought, and re-frame. Change that thought pattern from “I give too much” to “I give freely because I have enough love in my heart for myself and others, and I am worthy of receiving freely and abundantly.”

Once you’ve decided on your act of love, go out and do it! Take note of how you feel before and after doing this challenge, and repeat this as often as you like: a few times a week (or even better, daily!).

Have an abundant week, beautiful souls!