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Self-Loathing: Time To Release This Abundance Block!

Self-loathing doesn’t always appear in very obvious ways, and it is detrimental to abundance. Self-loathing is the inertia that stops us from generating positive, life-giving movement and change in our lives. Instead of accepting the challenge of movement required — be it in our attitudes, certain career or relationship situations, and so on, self-loathing is an ironclad reason to avoid this movement.

Change is scary after all, and sometimes, the brightest version of ourselves is so amazing that we are afraid to step into these unfamiliar shoes.

So we go back to familiar territory: beating ourselves up mentally and emotionally for certain character traits, past patterns of behaviour, habits, addictions, repeating patterns in how we interact with people. We step back into the grimy pool of self-loathing, not because it is enjoyable, but because it is less scary than what we know.

This self-loathing closes our receiving channels: how can we give to ourselves by loving ourselves when we do not love ourselves unconditionally?

Whatever it is in your life, in your thoughts, in your emotions, in your patterns of behaviour that is causing self-loathing, write it out. Ask yourself: am I not worthy of love even if I have made these choices? Am I not loved unconditionally by the Divine, the Creator? If the Divine loves me and knows me better than I know myself, who am I to question that love by placing conditions upon my love for myself?

We cannot receive from the outside (including the Divine) what we cannot receive from ourselves first. So sit with any feelings of self-loathing, shame, guilt, and so on. Ask yourself why these patterns, choices, situations, and so on happened. Love yourself, and let these feelings of self-loathing go, because the events, feelings, and choices that created this feeling of self-loathing were simply a part of of your journey to loving yourself fully and experiencing abundance of all kinds. It’s time to release the self-loathing: it no longer serves you.

Have a love-filled, abundant week, beautiful souls!

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