Like it or not, our relationships with family members are a massive influence on how we see abundance, as well as our beliefs about money and wealth. Our relationships with family members are a manifestation of our core abundance blueprint, be this more lack-driven or abundance-driven.

In The Abundance Game course, we will look at how family relationships can perpetuate and intensify our state of lack, and how to break these patterns, which often span decades of our lives. We’ll also look at how family relationships can mitigate and help you to clear patterns of lack.

When lack, rather than abundance, is the dominant pattern in your family relationships, this usually perpetuates and intensifies your own sense of lack. You can see this happening when love and affection with one or more immediate family members is conditional, sporadic, and usually accompanied by (or a source of) uncertainty in your life. Other sources of lack in family relationships can manifest as absence, be it physical, like a parent abandoning a child, or emotional, like a relationship with a very weak love-bond.

As abundance in family relationships is one of the deeper layers of abundance, a pattern of lack here will often severely impact your abundance and intensify your state of lack in several layers of abundance. The good news is that this pattern can be neutralized and replaced with a dominant pattern of abundance in family relationships.

When we are experiencing abundance in family relationships, we are receiving and giving love and affection freely and unconditionally, and the inevitable (and healthy) friction in any family dynamic does not permanently damage the love-bond between family members, instead often strengthening the love-bond eventually (once everyone cools down!).

With abundance in family relationships, even when we have family members who are deeply flawed, such as narcissists, emotionally abusive siblings and parents, and so on, we are able to define and enforce boundaries that ensure that we do not allow ourselves to suffer due to the fact that these family members have not yet accepted the lessons they have to learn about their own behaviour and subsequent consequences.

If you have abundance in family relationships, you are broadcasting the message that you are open to abundance in love in this layer of abundance, and love for yourself is the most important component here! So often, we accept bad behaviour, we make unhappy compromises, and so on, when it comes to family relationships. These unhappy compromises may purchase an illusion of peace and harmony in your family, but in fact this is part of a pattern of lack in this layer of abundance, because you are telling the universe that you do not deserve better.

Abundance blocks in family relationships tend to create a deep belief that we lack something very basic that we couldn’t even put into words. Simply, that we lack.

Each individual’s pattern of lack or abundance in family relationships is unique, and will even differ from a siblings’ family relationships, even though these relationships involve the same people.

Throughout The Abundance Game course, we will explore how your family relationships have affected your abundance blueprint, for better or worse, and clear any blocks in your abundance in family relationships permanently.