Abundance in meaningful occupation is highly subjective and personal; it is not easily defined, but I think the Japanese concept of ikigai comes very close. Roughly translated, ikigai means your reason for existence; it is what gets you (happily) out of bed in the morning. This is essentially a confluence of four things:


What the world needs

What you can be paid for

What you are good at

You may be wondering: What does meaningful occupation, or ikigai, have to do with abundance?

The answer is: everything.

Meaningful occupation, like ikigai, is not what you are forced to do, but what you choose to do, joyfully.

Abundance in meaningful occupation manifests when you do something that simultaneously serves others in a way that they need, gives you joy and excitement, brings you financial compensation, and leverages your talents. This occurs when you share your own manifestations of inner abundance — your skills, passion, wisdom, and talents — and receive external, tangible abundance in return: financial reward.

In other words, meaningful occupation is pure abundance alchemy! It connects the manifestation of your own abundance to everyone else in the world.

This layer of abundance usually goes hand in hand with abundance in material wealth, because when you are giving the best of yourself for the good of others, you put out very high vibrations that call other kinds of abundance to you, including material wealth and meaningful social connections.

If you feel like your life lacks purpose, if you feel like you’re simply going through the motions at work, even though you have a great job on paper, if you envy people who seem to be able to blend passion and a paycheck effortlessly … it is highly likely that you are living a pattern of lack (instead of abundance) in your meaningful occupation.

In The Abundance Game course, you will identify and clear blocks in this layer of abundance in order to experience more joy and tranquility in your life, every day, for the rest of your life.