What is ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation that facilitates healing and transformation — not just for ourselves, but for the world as well: we are all connected! These four simple, powerful phrases can be used to make immense, positive transformation in yourself, how you perceive situations and relationships, and how you react.

I love you

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

A Background

Ho’oponopono began as a traditional dispute resolution philosophy and practice, and was updated for contemporary usage by Mornah Simenona in the 1970s in the form of a 14-step process, which is still used and taught worldwide.

The four phrases used in this ho’oponopono were made known to a wider audience after Dr. Hew Len used them while he was stationed at a hospital ward for the criminally insane, and saw tremendous healing not only for the patients, but for the staff working in the ward as well.

What Does Ho’oponopono Mean?

The word ho’oponopono comprises two parts: “ho’o”, meaning “to make”, and “pono”, which means “right”. Here, the “right” is not about the ego involved in being right! It refers to justice and reconciliation, including being fair towards and forgiving yourself. The “pono” is repeated to emphasize that correcting this imbalance, anger, or toxic connection with yourself or others is of utmost importance.  

Ho’oponopono encourages and facilitates the cutting of connections with yourself and others that are not life-giving and no longer serve you. This paves the way for you to create new, nourishing connections with yourself, with others, with situations, and even your relationship with money and abundance.

The phrases that signify ho’oponopono and the intention to reconcile, heal and renew connections carry very high vibrations, and this makes ho’oponopono a wonderful form of support during any kind of healing and growth period in your life.

This reconciliation can be with yourself, with others, or with situations or mindsets. For example, if you have been suppressing the joy of your inner child for decades, listening to ho’oponopono while you do healing work in your abundance of self-expression will facilitate this healing and help you reconcile and renew ties with yourself.

This is particularly helpful when identifying and clearing your abundance blocks as you do The Abundance Game course, but you can benefit from ho’oponopono whether you are in a healing and transition phase or not.

You can listen to this recording at any time; on your commute, in the car, while doing chores, or you can play it before you fall asleep.