When we talk about spiritual abundance, we are talking about your vibrational alignment on a spiritual level, which in turn affects your emotions and physical body: are you putting out good vibes or bad vibes? What kind of energy are you calling to you with your spiritual alignment?

Here, spiritual refers to the metaphysical, and is not related to any religious doctrine. As you work through The Abundance Game course, you may notice that I refer to the Universe and the Divine interchangeably, and I do not reference any specific deity or religious system. This is because the energy of pure love and abundance is not the sole domain of any single deity, religious system, or doctrine.

Unconditional love flowing through us in the form of abundance is universal, timeless, and transcends religion.

When I refer to the Universe, I am referring to the source of all love, joy, and abundance: this is energy of the highest, purest vibration, the energy that connects, nourishes, and supports all of us infinitely and unconditionally.

Spiritual Abundance: A Closer Look

Spiritual abundance is about connection. To begin to understand spiritual abundance, it might be helpful to view it as a deeper, more intense version of meaningful occupation.

How so? Spiritual abundance means that just as you give the best of yourself to others infinitely, you receive infinite abundance with gratitude and joy, fully cognizant that you are receiving not because you lack, but because you ask for — and deserve — infinite abundance in all forms.

This sounds deceptively simple, but the most powerful, stubborn abundance blocks occur in the spiritual realm, i.e., where your spirit connects to the Universe, or whatever represents all that is good in your belief system. Spiritual abundance is the unshakeable foundation of all the other layers of abundance.

Spiritual abundance means full openness to receiving from the Universe. It means that you accept the fact that some gifts might bring initial pain and suffering, but reap bountiful harvests later on.

Spiritual abundance means trusting the Universe to provide, and trusting yourself enough to receive. It sets the vibration for the degree of abundance that flows into other parts of your life.

The third part of spiritual abundance is gratitude, where you are thankful for all that you have received and will receive from the Universe, be it inspiration or wisdom, a miracle small or large, a child or a career opportunity, a complimentary coffee, or an unexpected inheritance.

To activate and access spiritual abundance, you need to have all three of these pillars of abundance at the spiritual level. In Part 2 of this post, we will look at how the cycle of infinite, increasing abundance works and try a simple but powerful sensory exercise that perfectly illustrates how spiritual abundance works in all facets of your life.