Spiritual Abundance: The Cycle Of Infinite And Increasing Abundance

When you are connected to the Universe through openness, trust, and gratitude, you begin with a solid, miracle-making foundation of spiritual abundance.

In this state of spiritual abundance, you start to manifest other forms of abundance in your life, including self-expression and meaningful occupation. Now that you have shared the fruits of your abundance with other living beings — thus assisting the Universe in fulfilling their requests for what they need — this abundance has been shared with many, many people, and each of them is now more healed.

Each of them hurts less, and each of them is more able to transform their suffering and temporary discomfort into all kinds of abundance for themselves and others, thus continuing this joyous cycle of increasing abundance of all kinds for all.

Isn’t this beautiful? With abundance, especially spiritual abundance, the more you receive, the more you give, and the more you give, the more you receive.

To experience spiritual abundance at a simple, sensory level, try the following exercise.

Exercise: The Water And The Fist

Turn on your tap and let it run for about five seconds. Now, make a tight ball with your fist and place your closed fist under the running water, with your knuckles facing upwards. Let the water run over your closed fist for another five seconds.

Now, remove your fist from the stream of water and open your hand. How wet is your palm?

That small bit of moisture on your palm is the amount of spiritual abundance that gets through to you when at the very core, you are not open to receiving.

Now, make a shallow cup with one hand and place it under the running water. Great, you’re getting a lot more water in your hand now, but not as much as you could, if you dared to place both cupped hands under the tap to make one large bowl. Try that now.

As the water fills both of your cupped hands, think about how much water was going down the drain when your hand was a balled fist.

This is perfectly demonstrates what happens when you are spiritually closed to abundance.

Don’t just read this and nod! Go turn on your tap right now, and try it for yourself if you haven’t already.

Now, ask yourself: which state of receiving — and abundance — do you prefer to be in? The tightly closed fist? One cup? Or a large bowl?

How about receiving infinitely?